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Scheduling API for Marketplaces & Applications, who want to grow faster.

Have a complex booking use case you need to launch on a short timeline? You're in the right place.

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Complex Booking Use Cases, Made Simple

We understand that online booking is a hairy problem to solve. There's not a use case we haven't seen. Our scheduling API makes it possible to implement booking in your marketplace or application in 30 days or less, without the headache of maintaining complex code.


OnSched helps facilitate usage in 50+ marketplaces. Discover how OnSched can help grow your marketplace

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CRM's, Chat-bots, and other applications get to market faster with OnSched. Connect your customers and their customers seamlessly.

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Secure access to the flexible booking API you need. Simplify development, and create consistent brand experiences.

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Built by developers, for developers

Get started testing our powerful REST API in OnSched's sandbox testing environment. Customize and white label everything to your preference with global booking settings.

Hover over the code and see how easy it is to leverage OnSched's robust API for your application.

Try it out
  • curl --request GET \
  • --url https://example.com//consumer/v1/appointments
  • |
  • [
  • {
  • "object": "list",
  • "url": "/consumer/v1/appointments",
  • "hasMore": true,
  • "count": 20,
  • "total": 148,
  • "data": [
  • |
  • |
  • |
  • |
  • |
  • |

You're in good company

We’re more than just a platform. We’re a partner you can rely on, from product planning to endpoint mapping, and everything in between.

Get booking live in your app in 30 days or less

OnSched is the only platform on the market that allows you to access and manage multiple different vendors / customers / locations through a single API key.

Top Down Architechture

Multiple vendors, single API Key

OnSched is the only platform that enables you to build and support multiple vendors, customers, or locations through a single API key.

Hint: ask your developer. They'll see the value in one glance at our docs

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Explore the platform and it's features, to see if it's the right fit.

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Leverage our robust booking API to take your workflows to the next level

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Learn more about the most critical features that set us aside from the competition.

Make it your own

Our booking API is designed by developers for developers. If you’re ready to integrate with our API, see our full documentation.

OnSched API authentication

Build beautiful booking into your application

Let us show you just how simple white-labeled booking can be.

Over a million appointments booked, for apps in 47 countries

Launch booking in your app or marketplace in 30 days or less

Improve how you schedule today

Let us show you just how simple online bookings can be.

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