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A bit about TechnologyAdvisors...

TechnologyAdvisors.com is a digital publisher and marketplace platform founded in 2016 as a solution for SMB's and Startups to find software solutions to help grow their business.

Digital Publishers such as TechnologyAdvisors.com use consumer reviews to power lead generation for the businesses that sign up to receive reviews. Before the integration with OnSched, like many others TechnologyAdvisors.com used website clicks to drive lead generation for their vendors. This form of lead generation posed the problem of a loss in control of that lead as soon as they click to visit a vendors website, from that point on it was impssible to tell how far that lead made it down the funnel.

Josh Cohen, Founder & CEO of TechnologyAdvisors decided to take a different approach to lead generation by integrating OnSched's Pay Per Appointment booking API in order to gain further insights into the path each lead takes from the review.

Quote from an OnSched Client

We were able to seamlessly integrate with OnSched's booking API in order to generate more qualified leads for our vendors. By further qualifying each lead and adding the layer of commitment that comes with booking an appointment we have been able to increase the value of each lead by 5x in the first 6 months.

Josh Cohen, Founder & CEO, TechnologyAdvisors.com

How OnSched helped...

The first step was to qualify each lead in a way that was more effective than a website clickthrough. To accomplish this, TechnologyAdvisors created a handful of qualifying questions unique to each vendor which is then collected at the point of booking.

TechnologyAdvisors then took it a step further for their vendors by using OnSched's Lead Enrichment tool to generate a lead report for all B2B bookings. Each lead report is generated by a dynamic search of the email used to book the appointment in order to evaluate for variables such as company size, and tech stack.

technologyadvisors.com demo

What's next...

The next step for us at TechnologyAdvisors.com is to evaluate close rates, post appointment, in order to assess the true value of each lead that is generated. To accomplish this we plan to work with OnSched's API and create an email workflow that assesses the outcome of each appointment.

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